Western Digital – Jeanie James

“WD Knows NAS, Inside and Out”

Jeanie James presented at VLCM IT Exchange with several years of experience as a rep for the very well-known Western Digital (WD). She started her presentation by talking about Western Digital’s position as a storage solutions leader in the industry. WD has established itself as a master of spinning disk and solid state drive, with over 7,000 active patents worldwide.

In a natural progression Western Digital moved from the storage leader starting in 1988, to storage solutions leader in 2007, and now content storage solutions in 2011. With the introduction of the My Cloud EX2 and EX4, WD offers peace of mind for every piece of content, by creating solutions that are flexible and reliable. For a more robust solution WD offers their enterprise-class storage solution called Sentinel. For more details about these excellent offerings, Please take the time to review the full presentation through the link listed below, and if you have any questions we will be more than happy to answer them for you.


“WD Knows NAS, Inside and Out”





LANDESK - Chris Rawlings 

“What is ShadowIT? How to Combat it.”

Chris Rawlings has 10 plus years of experience at LANDESK as the Sales Engineer Western Area ITSM expert. He started out his presentation with an impressive list of Utah corporate, local government, and education accounts that currently work with his company. Afterwards he defined what shadow IT is and why IT professionals should be concerned, “Shadow IT is a term often used to describe IT solutions that end-users bring and use inside organizations without the IT department’s knowledge or approval.”

With 45% of employees finding that personal devices are more useful than those of the enterprise, companies are left to deal with the massive corporate data that is being accessed from the personally owned device. LANDESK offers an end-to-end management service to help deal with the rising crises that IT departments are facing. With simple, efficient tools LANDESK is able to help secure and protect companies. Please take the time to review the full presentation through the link listed below and contact us with any questions. 

“What is ShadowIT? How to Combat it.”

LANDESK is User-Oriented IT


ShoreTel - David Koerner 


“Premises-based VS. Hosted Unified Communications”

David Koerner was the last to present in Salon H and offered his engineer expertise as a CSE for the ShoreTel Rockies region. He started off by presenting a chart that shows the growth of cloud adoption in the industry. With all the competitors in IT, ShoreTel offers a few things that help it stand out, from world class data centers (in Dallas, and Chicago), to the fact that they make their own phones. Combined with their superior applications, and brilliantly simple end-user support, ShoreTel is emerging as a leader in unified communication.

It is undeniable that companies are looking for flexibility, and ShoreTel brings that to the table with its Pure SKY, Hybrid SKY, and traditional on-premise systems. All three solutions are backed by ShoreTel’s communicator, which gives users an easy to read and use interface. ShoreTel now offers a feature-rich and reliable mobility app that gives users the ability to access their system from pretty much anywhere. View the full presentation below and be sure to subscribe to our blog for the remainder of the Exchanging IT Knowledge series.

“Premises-based VS. Hosted Unified Communications”


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