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 The American Medical Association and doctors agree:

Sitting for extended periods of time can be harmful to our health. Excessive sitting increases risk of cardiovascular disease, cancer, stroke and diabetes. So much sitting is associated with a sedentary lifestyle which is a key risk factor in 4 of the 7 leading causes of death. USA Today reports even exercise won't prevent the risk excessive sitting causes.


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How businesses can help sitting disease:

The average American is active for just 3 hours a day, leaving 21 hours of sedentary living. People in the U.S. don't like sitting, and know it's bad, but do it anyway. This is because we eat sitting down, watch TV and even sit at our jobs for at least 7.5 hours a day. Check out the infographic below to see how we spend the rest of our time sitting, and how we can remedy this silent contributor.

The AMA has adopted new policy recommending businesses offer sitting alternatives. Standing can be like walking, it increases energy, blood flow, and burns extra calories. Our partners at Ergotron are standing up against sitting disease by offering free standing-desk units to organizations who are ready to make the move. See below for the offer.

Sitting So Much Should Scare You


The Remedy- Sit Less. Stand More. Start Now.

Let us help you provide a healthier environment for your workforce, we proudly partner with Ergotron who provides a best in class alternative to sitting with their Workfit line of solutions. Workfit units are adjustable for instant transition from sitting to standing while remaining engaged with your computer.  Let us show you how easy & beneficial the Workfit standing desk solutions can be, contact us today to learn how you can receive a free Workfit unit for your organization. 

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