To meet these challenges, managed services can operate as an extension of your IT team, relieving your business from day-to-day tech issues and ensuring the lifeblood of your company doesn’t come to a halt. Whether you’re a big company with a small company budget, or you want a team of professionals to take care of daily upkeep, here are 5 reasons how managed services can help your company achieve their business objectives:

  1. 1. Extend Your Reach - It’s hard to make room for new technology plans when you’re trying to keep up with the day-to-day. For the business that can’t bear to be stagnant, and for the IT department drowning in downtime or security threats, managed services can send in a life raft to help you navigate through IT’s rough waters and get you closer to shore (and your business goals).
  2. 2. Low Cost Investments – Hiring specialists for hardware and software tend to be very pricy. Managed services offers experienced engineers with a fixed monthly payment plan, granting companies a solid budget to work with, and no unexpected changes. In fact, according to CompTIA’s Fourth Annual Trends in Managed Services Study, out of the 350 companies surveyed, 93% said their managed services arrangements either met or exceeded cost-savings expectations.
  3. 3. Greater Flexibility – Managed services is not a one-size fits all offering. Businesses are granted the flexibility of selecting which services work best for them. Hybrid options are available based on how complex your current infrastructure is, and how much time your IT staff wants to allocate towards that solution.
  4. 4. Upper Tier Support – Depending on what your environment needs, managed services can provide 24/7/365 assistance. To put things in perspective, this extra sense of security ensures that on-staff personnel are not interrupted, improving productivity and efficiency of IT by 56%*.
  5. 5. Relief - Whether your IT falls on the shoulders of the most “tech savvy” individual in the office, or your administrator needs a little extra help, IT could always use some relief. Whether you’re looking for full-forced IT consulting, or you need a little help with troubleshooting, managed services can relieve any IT burden your company is currently facing.

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