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3 Ways Email Archiving Can Save Your Sanity


paperworkWith the average user sending and receiving over 125 emails per workday according to a report made by The Radicati Group, Inc, “management” and “productivity” are rarely words we would use to describe our interactions with business emails. Accidental or thoughtless email deletion, ineffective indexing, and duplicate emails taking up server space all create ineffective pile up within your network and user information management. Following the golden rule of 3, we’ve comprised a short, simple, and memorable list of how email archiving can save your sanity and free you up for a more productive work lifestyle.



You pay your employees to produce and transfer data, so why set up a system that can send it to the trash with the click of a button? Company-wide rules regarding email deletion or backing up email servers are both unrealistic, and prone to mistakes and inefficiencies. Email deletion is often thoughtless or accidental, and the recovery process is time consuming or even improbable. Simply backing up an email server isn’t as simple as one may think either. Retrieving emails from backups is time consuming and shouldn’t fall on the IT department to recover.

The Barracuda Message Archiver is able to preserve every email with in-depth indexing based on sender; recipient; received date; created date; subject line; size; attachments; importance; words and phrases in the message body; and contents of attachments for efficient global search capabilities. This technology enables tags for in-depth searches regarding legal discovery, regulatory compliance, or for efficiently sorting large repositories of email.


Email file sizes can average anywhere from 30 KB to 500 KB depending on your business. With over 125 emails sent per day, storage is most likely running pretty low, slowing down your email servers. With the archiver’s compression capabilities, and deduplicating features, your organization can both preserve every email coming through your email server, while drastically reducing storage space.  


In the same thought stream as email preservation, storing your data will be a tremendous help if any legal issues arise. Like a trail of breadcrumbs, emails can lead to evidence of whether a message was sent or received in the first case, like in this example of how a firm saved $30,000 with an archived email. Complete with litigation and compliance support, Barracuda has comprehensive indexing, permissioning, search, legal hold, audit, and export capabilies that help aceelerate and simplify eDiscovery requests.  

Whether you’re a small organization of 10, or are managing hundreds of email users, email archiving can pull you out of deep water in storage, information, and legal situations. See how this town in Tennessee uses their Barracuda Message Archiver:


Looking for a more in-depth explanation of Backup and Archiving? Click to access a White Paper created by Barracuda themselves. 

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