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Businesses that fall victim to cybercrime often use the term, "blindsided." Not seeing an attack coming is one thing and responding to one without maximum visibility compounds your problems. What do you need to make sure you can see what a hacker is doing so you can stop it? We discuss that in this episode of the CYBER24 podcast, presented by VLCM.

Guest Expert

Richard Rieben, Secuvant



Episode 112: Maximum visibility in a cyber incident

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Over 12 billion dollars has been lost to spear phishing and account takeover. Target attacks carry no malicious payload and are able to bypass email gateways. 

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Over 350,000 new malware variants are created every day, and if you want to keep up - it's time to fight fire with fire. Traditional antivirus can't always recognize new attacks. To ensure you stay ahead, hardware-enforced security in every PC is critical to the overall security of your business. Our security team at VLCM strongly recommends arming your workforce with HP PC's that are designed at ALL levels of the OS with security measures that not only protect your device, but protect your identity and data as well. 




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