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How is the Federal Government Shutdown Impacting Cybersecurity? [Cyber 24 Podcast]


[Previously posted on Cyber 24 Podcast]

As we sat down to record this week’s pod, the federal government had been shut down for 26 days with no end in sight. While the battle over a board wall continues in the nation’s capital, we at CYBER24 wanted to take a look at how a shutdown impacts our nation’s cybersecurity.

We welcome back friend of the pod, Mike Hussey, the executive director of the Utah Dept. of Technology Services. We look into how the federal furloughs impact a state like Utah and how the shutdown may be giving foreign hackers a clear look at which of our systems they should attack. Plus we discuss how TLS certificates that expire during the shutdown could put your personal data at risk.

Podcast: Play in new window | Download

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