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Google pushes back on Zoom - Inside the Cyber24 Podcast

Originally posted on cyber24.us: 

Some of us are old enough to remember the Cola Wars between Coke and Pepsi. The pandemic, work-from-home version of that is a Video Conference War. Zoom has become so widely adopted that it has become a verb but Google has now banned its use on company computers, citing security concerns. 

In this episode of the CYBER24 podcast, presented by VLCM, we take a look at the efforts by Zoom competitors to push back against the new big kid on the block. We also discuss warnings from the Department of Justice for those who are trying to hack into video conferencing platforms. 



Dan Schuyler, VLCM
Anthony Booyse, Sophos
Paul Whittier, Sophos



Google bans its employees from using Zoom over security concerns – The Verge
Federal, state and local law enforcement warn against teleconferencing hacking – DOJ
With remote work, these cyber threats are on the rise – Technical.ly


Episode 80: Google pushes back on Zoom



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