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Invest in investigation tools, forensics - New Cyber24 Podcast




A hacker breaches your system and causes any number of problems. Figuring out how they got in and what you can do to prevent it is a key part of your response.

As Sophos security experts put it: “The more data that is collected – from the endpoints and beyond – the more context is available during the investigation. Having broader visibility will allow your team to not only determine what the attackers targeted but how they gained entry into the environment and if they still have the ability to access it again.”

Special Guest
Scott Pugmire, FBI Cyber Task Force


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Episode 114: Invest in investigation tools, forensics

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Listen, CISOs, we KNOW how hard it is to manage your security posture. With often DOZENS of different security technologies that vary in process, application, and responding to, wouldn't it be nice if you had security baked into your actual server hardware?

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