An entire country gets hacked - Inside the Cyber 24 Podcast


In this week’s episode, the Cyber24's expert panel talks about how the entire country of Ecuador got hacked. Not its biggest bank. Not its largest company. Nope. A database that had staggering amounts of data on, essentially - everyone in the entire country. 




On this week’s episode of CYBER24, we talk about what happened, how it happened and generally marvel about how something like this could happen at all. Plus we talk about how it could be a wake-up call for you and your organization. 

We also continue our conversation with our expert panel about ransomware. They weigh in on the difference in cost between prevention and recovery. 



Dan Schuyler – VLCM
Paul Whittier – Sophos
Matt Sorensen – Secuvant
Anthony Booyse – Sophos

Articles reference in this episode

The Hill – Report finds majority of 2019 ransomware attacks have targeted state and local governments
Forbes – Personal Data From Entire 16.6M Population Of Ecuador Leaked Online


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