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Cybersecurity: Top Concern for US [CYBER24 Podcast]


Cyber24 Podcast breaks down two important, but largely-overlooked cybersecurity stories.

From Cyber24:

When a top-ranked U.S. security official says our digital lives are in danger like never before, you should probably believe her. That’s a direct quote from the Secretary of Homeland Security Kirstjen Nielsen.

In this episode, we take a look at some of the top cybersecurity stories you likely missed, unless you were looking for them. Cybersecurity still doesn’t grab the headlines unless it involves a breach at a top social media platform, but there are more and more stories that you need to know about as you navigate life in a digital-dependent world.

We break down a recent speech by the head of DHS to see how seriously the federal government is taking cybersecurity. We also look into how government officials are preparing for the upcoming census – and why they have a lot of work ahead of them before 2020.

Give the pod a listen and then check out the full stories:

Washington Post – Hacking, cyberattacks now the biggest threat to US, Homeland Security chief warns

Techcrunch  -Watchdog says 2020 Census systems are riddled with security flaws

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