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What (or who)’s in your wallet? - Cyber24 Podcast

After taking the summer off, we are delighted to announce that the Cyber24 Podcast is back on the air! The podcast kicked off season three today and is available to stream right away. 
In this week's episode, Cyber24's expert panel discusses the recent Capital One breach and what businesses can learn from it. We also look at an alert from the Dept. of Homeland Security warning about small aircraft being susceptible to hackers. 

Inside the episode:


Sometimes the numbers are so big you can’t ignore them. And when two business giants are involved it gets even harder to miss. The latest headline-grabbing cyber breach involves Capitol One, a former employee of Amazon Web Services (AWS) and a breach impacting 106 million people. 

On this week’s episode of CYBER24, our panel of experts takes a look at what business and policy leaders should learn from the Capitol One data breach and how it may have you questioning the one area of your cybersecurity you thought was in good hands. 

Plus, we look at whether or not the Dept. of Homeland Security warning about small aircraft vulnerabilities is a big deal or no deal. 

This week’s panelists include:
Dan Schuyler – VLCM, Cybersecurity Solutions Architect
Matt Sorensen – Secuvant
Phillip Kemp – VLCM, Cybersecurity Solutions Architect

Links to stories discussed in this podcast:

New York Times: Capital One Data Breach Compromises Data of Over 100 Million
Business Insider: 
Capital One found out about its 106-million-customer data breach only because a member of the public emailed it a tip
Business Insider: Hackers can take control of the flight computers on newer small aircraft


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