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Elise Vandersteen Bailey

Elise Vandersteen Bailey
Elise is VLCM's Foundation Specialist. She handles the blog, social media, and emails and is the main contact for all things VLCM Foundation. She has a Bachelor of Science from the University of Utah's College of Health in Exercise and Sports Sciences with a minor in Sociology focusing on Health and Medicine. Elise is continuing her education at the University of Utah through a dual degree graduate program, studying Health Policy in the Master of Public Policy program and Health Systems Research in the School of Medicine's Population Health Sciences PhD program.
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DLL Group is VLCM Foundation's 2018 Donor of the Year

This year, we'd like to begin recognizing individuals and companies in our community who've shown themselves to be especially dedicated to the purpose of eradicating cancer with us. As such,...

Where Do Donations to VLCM Foundation Go?

All donations to VLCM Foundation go to Huntsman Cancer Institute. In the past, we have opted to let administrators at the institute decide what the money should be spent on. In 2018, we had a...


2019 Will Be VLCM Foundation's $1 Million Year

Since its beginnings in 2007, VLCM Foundation has raised a total of $983,234.77 for cancer research at Huntsman Cancer Institute. The donations committed for 2019 so far will put us over $1...


HCI Researchers Launch Study to Improve Exercise in Lung Cancer Patients

As we've talked about before, lung cancer is a particularly deadly form of cancer. In some types of lung cancer, surgery has greatly improved survival. However, surgery can be very hard on a...


Why is so much cancer research done in mice?

This is a common question when it comes to cancer research. And mice aren't the only organisms besides humans used to understand cancer.

As it turns out, not all research can be ethically or...

VLCM Foundation Offers Donors the Chance to Tour HCI

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