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Posted by Jared Quan on May 26, 2015 8:33:00 AM

Once upon a time web filtering was super easy: if you block out the inappropriate, gambling, and extremist content, your business would live happily ever after. Unfortunately like most fairytales, web filtering has reached the troubles of a modernized world. With slick hackers, and legitimate websites becoming the source of a company’s malware woes, delinquent web filtering lands number 7 on the SOPHOS 7 deadly IT sins.

When you consider that hackers compromise thousands of new sites every day, attacking and infecting your network with malware, it's hard to tell what is safe from one day to the next.  With that kind of paranoia, you might follow suit behind the UK which in 2014 ended up blocking nearly one-fifth of the world’s more popular websites, in an attempt to shield the country from broad web-related problems.

They may have been able to protect some people, but unfortuantely they missed the mark. With 80% of the webs malware hidden from plain sight, the problems still exist. Some of the most popular infected website categories include web hosting, legitimate business sites, shopping, and even education. They key isn’t to put up a broad based shield, but to utilize the tools available to you effectively. To fully walk you through the repentance process of this very deadly IT sin, we've provided the holiest of web security checklists for you: 


Got a lot of IT guilt you need to get off your chest? 

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