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HP's New SDN Campus Networking Switch Trumps Cisco

Posted by Jessica Doucette on Apr 27, 2015 3:09:00 PM

HP announces new networking solution, leaving Cisco shaking in their boots. Available May 1, HP plans to release the new HP 5400R zl2 Switch Series v3 Modules which will provide 4.8 times better performance and 3.6 times lower latency with the ability to process up to 24 more times the packets than rival Cisco’s Catalyst 4507RE. To add a little more edge to the competition, HP’s new switches cost 46 percent less than Cisco’s, ranging from $3,299 - $6,799.

HP vs Cisco Switches Infographic
Source: HP

HP’s new switch series and HP SDN features open new opportunities for VLCM and similar channel partners.

HP’s networking wave “is a compelling story against the competition,” explained Mike Linton, vice president of sales at VLCM, “with the 5400 we are going to be able to grow our business substantially.” With the Network Visualizer application HP is featuring, Linton commented that without the overhead of a probe on every network, the device is revolutionary. Network administrators will dramatically save on cost and time.

Owners can further save with HP in regard to Cisco’s required maintenance fee.

According to Chad Williams, the vice president of research and education at Matrix Integration, if your business requires hundreds of switches, “the maintenance alone can be $1 million or more just to support from a (Cisco) perspective… looking at performance per dollar, HP every time blows Cisco away… [and offers] 90% more flexibility.”

Learn more about the “HP blast at Cisco” at CRN.com.

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