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HP PC Security Innovations You Can’t Ignore

Posted by Jessica Doucette on Aug 1, 2018 7:58:00 AM

Unless you live under a rock or have your head in the sand, cybersecurity is a big ol’ deal right now. We don’t even have to tell you that - just look at this Wired article and try not to throw your computer out your three-story window (not recommended). There’s a lot of talk about sophisticated hackers getting smarter and constantly evolving to beat out security solutions - and the proof is in the 6 trillion dollar pudding.



Instead of unplugging your machine and yelling, “We’re All Doomed!!!” into the void, we’re telling you that HP has been killing the cybersecurity game, and that their latest innovations in computer security are definitely worth looking into. From introducing the first and only self-healing PC BIOS, to including security features that do not require any IT intervention, HP’s innovations have sure as heck paved their way as a top performer for enterprise computing technology.

Here’s the latest in HP’s Security Innovations

Every PC decision is a security decision. Here’s how HP Business PC Security secures your devices, data, and identity:




  • HP Sure Start Gen4 - protect firmware that antivirus solutions can’t
  • HP Sure Run - protect the applications that protect your PC
  • HP Sure Recover - minimize user downtime and IT effort
  • HP Sure Click - keep web-based attacks locked inside an isolated browser tab
  • HP Sure View Gen2 - deter visual hacking with privacy screen
  • HP Multi-Factor Authenticate Gen2 - applying hardened multi-factor authentication solutions


HP Sure Start Gen4

HP Sure Start can automatically detect, stop, and recover from a BIOS attack or corruption without IT innovation and with little or no interruption to user productivity. It is the first and only self-healing PC BIOS. Everytime the PC powers on, HP Sure Start automatically validates the integrity of the BIOS code to help ensure that the PC is safeguarded from malicious attacks. Once the PC is operational, run-time intrusion detection constantly monitors memory. In the case of an attack, the PC can self-heal using an isolated “golden copy” of the BIOS in less than one minute.


To learn more, view the infosheet.


HP Sure Run

HP Sure Run helps keep critical processes running, even if malware tries to shut them down. It is a hardware-enforced application persistence solution that has the capability to maintain communications with the policy enforcement hardware while the OS is running. Continually monitor the presence of critical services and applications, even if the HP Sure Run agent in the OS is attacked or removed. HP Sure Run interfaces with the HP Endpoint Security Controller at the hardware level (below the OS) to ensure OS integrity. 

*HP Sure run is included at no additional charge in select HP products.


To learn more, view the infosheet


HP Sure Recover

Minimize downtime via an automated operating system recovery solution integrated into HP PC hardware and firmware. HP Sure Recover enables you to quickly recover the operating system whenever needed, throughout the lifecycle of the PC. HP Sure Recover succeeds even if the primary drive has been completely erased.


To learn more, view the infosheet.


HP Sure Click

Protect your PC from malware that lurks on malicious websites or hides in common files with HP Sure Click. HP Sure Click isolates key applications in their own virtual containers—trapping any malware and deleting it as soon as you close the application. No special training or additional quarantine procedures are needed; just close the browser tab or file, and the malware is dead as a dodo.


HP Sure View Gen2

With 62% of employees working from more than one location , HP Sure View integrated privacy screen helps users work confidently from any location without fear of data on the screen being exposed to prying eyes. HP Sure View eliminates the need to carry additional tools to guard sensitive information. Users simply press the F2 key to immediately transition the PC to privacy mode, which reduces off-angle viewing capability, making it difficult for others to view information on the screen.


*This feature is available at the time of purchase as an option with selected HP devices.


HP Multi-Factor Authenticate Gen2

HP Client Security Manager is a software-based approach that gives admins the ability to increase security by requiring two authentication factors, such as a password and a thumbprint, or a smartcard and a PIN. It is designed to provide solid identity security. HP Client Security Manager does not require an Intel® CoreTM vProTM processor.


To learn more, view infosheet.


Where do I start?

Ready to look into the world’s most secure and manageable PCs? Look for HP Elite PCs - like the HP Elite Slice - and HP Z Workstations for cutting-edge security features and stunning design.

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