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Fortinet UTM Named Gartner Magic Quadrant “Leader,” 8 Years Running

Posted by VLCM on Aug 8, 2017 8:38:00 AM



IT research and advisory firm Gartner Inc. has named Fortinet’s Unified Threat Management (UTM) solution a Magic Quadrant Leader again. Just like they did last year, and the year before, and the year before that, and…well, for the last 8 years.

That’s good news for SMBs finding them increasingly at for cyberattack. Let’s talk about why Fortinet’s award is important, why they deserve it, and what it means for you, the SMB owner.

Fortinet Does Cybersecurity Differently

Gartner recognizes Fortinet for doing things a little bit differently on the UTM front — noting its UTM solution’s stellar performance and affordable pricing for SMBs.

And getting praise and accreditation from Gartner? That’s huge. They’re widely considered among the best of research and advisory firms around the world. Every year they highlight technology vendors and products to help IT decision makers figure out what their security services needs are — and who does them best.

Why UTM Matters

The short answer? UTM guards against new cyber threats. And SMBs are especially at risk, being easy targets for hackers looking to infiltrate networks with lots of lucrative information, but because of budget constraints, often with less robust network protection than larger companies. Adding to the issue is the increasing use of mobile, Wi-Fi and the cloud in the workplace. As networks spread and become more nebulous, they grow harder to protect—and using disjointed security products on all of these moving parts can be expensive and risky.

That’s the purpose of UTM: To secure everything—the entire network, no matter where it is — with one robust and simple-to-manage appliance. Fortinet’s UTM is cost effective, high-performance, and most importantly, highly scalable — giving SMBs and any size business for that matter the agility to keep up with new cyber threats.

The Fortinet Approach

Like we discussed above, simply smashing together a bunch of different point tools for protecting all your different devices and servers and tossing up a firewall around all of them just won’t cut it anymore.

The answer is Fortinet’s Security Fabric, a dynamic, collaborative architecture that connects all security functions and appliances in your environment — whether in the cloud, in on-premise data centers, protecting web apps and remote devices, or anywhere in-between. In doing so, it enables these distributed tools to automatically share threat intelligence and communicate alerts in real-time — which is exactly what SMBs need to respond faster and more effectively to security incidents.

How Will You Protect Yourself?

Not just yourself—your company, your employees, your customers, your vendors.

Can we make a recommendation? For SMBs with small budgets and big security concerns, Fortinet’s UTM approach is the answer.

A Fortinet partner, VLCM knows how to deliver outstanding, end-to-end cybersecurity and networking solutions to SMBs. So contact us — and we’ll talk about how we can bring award-winning UTM capabilities to your organization.


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